Sunday, September 11, 2011

Week 2

Week 2 is over.  My ability to focus on study has been tested this week.  The workload is beginning to bear down, and the pace is unrelenting.  I have had to adapt my study style, giving up the deep notation and documentation of all readings.  It takes too long, and I feel like it helps only minimally.  Another way to say it is that I am sacrificing some depth for the sake of breadth.  I may be able to revisit these subjects more in depth once I have a larger view of the whole.

I had my first of perhaps many moments of becoming entirely lost in class.  As class neared its end, it seemed as though my professor was speaking in tongues.  However, that prompted me to do some extra studying in that class, which I hope will catch me up to where I can translate the alien language of the law.

I feel like I have had a small success in heading up a study group for my section.  Through Facebook, I was able to organize a group for my entire section, which is about 22 people, and several of us met after class on Friday.  Although I selfishly benefit from review with my peers, I hope that others might find the review helpful as well.

I thought I would be able to post more, but the little free waking time I have has been dedicated to relaxation.  Hopefully I can at least keep posting weekly.

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