Thursday, July 28, 2011

Moving Day

Today is moving day, or more accurately, loading day. We won't begin our cross country trip until Monday, August 1, but we're loading up our trailer today. Of course, we're still scrambling to get everything prepared, but I had to take a brief respite--especially since we ran out of packing tape.

The last few days have pulled at my heartstrings. Saying goodbye to friends has been tough. Saying goodbye to my car of 13 years (still in great shape!) was pretty tough too. I know that saying goodbye to this house (for now) will be tough as well. It already looks strange with all the paintings off the walls, furniture wrapped and moved out of place, and towers of boxes in every corner.

Honestly I've never been happier than during the time I've spent here. It seems odd then to leave, doesn't it? Today's sacrifice ensures tomorrow's happiness. Nonetheless, I'll miss this place and the people that made it great.

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